1fx. Mod Free server mod for Soldier of Fortune II

Master server

Welcome to the main page of the 1fx. Master server. This is an initiative started in November 2014 to keep the game alive in the event of the official Master server going down temporarily or maybe even permanently.

How does it work?

Servers need to be configured to report their status to the 1fx. Master server and players need to download a new SoF2MP.exe that they can use when the official Master server is down (when they don't see any servers in the serverlist).

How do I configure my server?

1fx. Mod 0.75 and higher dedicate the sv_master2 CVAR to the 1fx. Master server. That means that servers using 1fx. Mod 0.75 and higher are automatically configured properly, where no further configuration is required. Servers using 1fx. Mod 0.74 or below and other server mods need to be manually setup. You can do this by adding this to your server.cfg or Config.cfg:

set sv_master2 "master.1fxmod.org"
If this doesn't work (it doesn't show up), you might be running into DNS issues. This frequently happens for SoF2 v1.00 servers on Linux. Try this instead:

set sv_master2 ""

How do I get the servers from this list as player?

You need a patched executable in order for your SoF2MP game to use the different master server. The easiest way is to head over to the Client patches page, to the section where you can download executables with all patches applied for your SoF2 version. The "SoF2MP.1fxmaster.exe" executable in the archive fetches the in-game serverlist from our master server.

Alternatively, customize your own SoF2MP executable using the patch customizer. When customizing your own executable, be sure to include the "1fx. Masterserver patch".

Can I verify my server is on your Master server?

Certainly. The easiest way is to check the table below. If you just added it, allow up to 5 minutes for it to show up. An alternative is to download the .exe for players and verify it's listed there (no delay).


Here are all servers that are currently registered on the 1fx. Master server. The data on this table is refreshed every 5 minutes.

Server Hostname Players Gametype Map Country Game version