1fx. Mod Free server mod for Soldier of Fortune II

Nightly builds

Take a peek behind the scenes, into our lab. On this page we provide downloads of the latest builds. Changes occur here the moment we're developing them.

Nightlies disabled!

Development on 1fx. Mod is halted for the time being due to development fully focusing on SoF2Plus.
It is recommended to use the last stable release for now. Please check our forums for more information.

So, what are those exactly?

Nightly builds, or nightlies, are automatic builds that are, as the name implies, built during the night. They are snapshots of the latest changes in our code. That means you can use and enjoy the latest changes the moment we finished developing them. Besides just using nightlies on your server, you can also test them and find bugs in a premature state of the next release. This helps us finding bugs early on!

Who are they for?

Tread carefully, as nightlies can be unstable. Even though all changes are reviewed carefully before being pushed upstream, the chance of having bugs is the highest in the nightly builds. Therefore, we can really only recommend them to power users. You have to know what to do when things go south and need to prepare yourself for the worst to happen. If you're not willing to take the risk, download the current release instead - we only provide support on current releases. Using nightlies are at your own risk!

What build flavor are nightlies based on?

Nightlies are built as pre+dev releases: meaning they contain debug symbols, extra debug messages, additional test CVARs and contain the in-game developer menu. They also produce reliable stack traces which you can send to us for further analysis, if a crash occurs. We do not officially build other flavors, not on request anyway.

How do I use them?

Nightlies are split up in two parts: the core game and the base files. You need both of them in order for nightlies to work correctly. Only the core game, the Mod itself, is updated every night (if there are changes upstream). The base files are updated infrequently and might even be the same as the previous release files. Ensure you only download the base files the core game requires. Base files may not be backward or forward compatible with the selected core game, so choose carefully when not picking the latest nightly! The latest nightly will always require the latest base files.

I notice(d) the current nightly being ancient!

Very possible! Nightlies will only build if there are changes upstream. If we don't develop new stuff for a while, an automatic build will not occur and no new nightlies will appear on this page.

Build status

You can view the current build status here. We build for multiple platforms and OS versions, and even though most changes aren't so groundbreaking that they cause a specific build to fail, builds do tend to break every once in a while. Of course, this information is most relevant for us, the developers, but in the event of you needing a specific platform/OS build unavailable in the current nightly, this table could come in handy.

Build state Platform Last successful nightly Date


Select the nightly version you want to download. We generally recommend you pick the latest version, but you may pick any release from the current release cycle.

The core game will contain a set of dynamic libraries for all platforms we build for, so make sure you extract the one you need. If you can't find your platform in the package, the build for that specific platform may have failed. In that case, please check the build status table or pick another version. As for the base files, all supported SoF2 versions are bundled into the single download.

Now go out and test, and enjoy the latest features we have to offer!

Nightly version Date Changelog Core game Base files