1fx. Mod Free server mod for Soldier of Fortune II

Release archive

You can download old, archived releases of 1fx. Mod from this page.

Generally, you shouldn't use these releases as they lack newer functionality and sometimes contain bugs. However, they may still provide themselves useful. For example, they can be used to check if certain functionality isn't broken in an old release but is broken in the current release. Or you need an older version because an external component is outdated and depends on a deprecated feature only present in older releases. You may also just be curious about what 1fx. Mod used to look like! All of the above is fine by us.

However, if you are uncertain and just want to run 1fx. Mod without any specific need for an older version, don't hesitate and download the current release instead - we only provide support on current releases and they generally work best. The current release also contains all the new shiny stuff!


Some releases differ in terms of game version, form or distribution:

All archived official releases are listed in the overview below.

Version Date Download

Gold previews

Seven previews were released when porting 1fx. Mod to Gold. During the development phase it was known as 0.78t: implying it was a test version of 0.78. After the 7th preview, 1fx. Mod for Gold was considered production-ready. However, due to the excessive amount of changes 0.78 was instead released as 0.80. As such, there is no 0.78 final version.

You can find the Gold previews in the overview below.

Version Date Download