1fx. Mod Free server mod for Soldier of Fortune II

Client patches

Having problems running SoF2 properly? Game crashing when starting? Or do you want functionality not included in the default client? We're here to help!

Why this page?

We are sceptical about "fixed" SoF2MP executable files offered on the web. You don't know who has tampered with them and what they exactly changed. That's why we host most known fixes on here for all the major game versions. And we're not trying to be secretive about it. On this page you'll find downloads to patched SoF2 executables where we will tell you exactly what we changed and how we did it. If you want, you can create the exact same executable yourself with our instructions using your own copy of the SoF2MP executable.

Are any of the patches necessary?

No, not really. But we can really recommend you to use most of them. They mostly enhance your experience one way or another, using the r_mode patch (widescreen support) for example. The GL_EXTENSIONS patch (fixes crash at game startup) is a good example of a problem that using a patched executable also gets rid of, which seems to happen more often nowadays.

Will there be more patches?

We cannot say, if there's reason for us, or simply a high demand for it, to add another patch: we will! This is the page where a new patch would appear. Keep in mind we only release patches on this page for client-side only, server-side patches are included in 1fx. Mod.

Patches explained

We offer support for the following patches:

Patch name Symptoms Applies to Manual action required after patch

Download executables - all patches applied

This is the easiest way to get you up and running within no-time. Just download the .zip package, unzip it, and put the extracted files in your SoF2 directory. Replace the existing SoF2MP.exe file and put the SoF2MP.1fxmaster.exe next to it. In a nutshell:

The SoF2MP.1fxmaster.exe is used to remain playing when the official master server is down, so it's recommended that you save the copy of it in your SoF2 directory.

You can easily verify the SoF2MP executables using the Patch customizer below (selecting all applied patches). They will match the md5sum of the executables in the archive.

Download executable - customize yourself

If you don't want, or need, the executables with all patches applied, you can customize your executable here. Just pick your SoF2 version, select the desired patches and download the output file. It's really that easy.

Patch customizer

Select SoF2 version

Select patches to apply

Download output executable

Download SoF2MP.exe

Technical details

The in-depth patch explanations are, as promised, also on this page. With these instructions you may re-create the exact same executable as ours. We tried to keep this table as clean as possible, so please bear with us while making your way through all the data.

I'm sure most of you already guessed: the explanations/instructions are aimed at power users only.

Patch name The fix Original assembly / binary data Modified assembly / binary data
Patch name The fix Original assembly / binary data Modified assembly / binary data
Patch name The fix Original assembly / binary data Modified assembly / binary data