1fx. Mod Free server mod for Soldier of Fortune II

About us

Any reference to "me", "my" or "I" is a reference to "BoeMan", author of this document.
"We" is a reference to both "BoeMan" and "Henkie", developers of 1fx. Mod and previous Mods.

A project such as 1fx. Mod is pretty big. 1fx. Mod started in April 2010 and has been growing ever since its initial start. To achieve this, we put in a lot of hours to make everything work the way the players wanted.

Other than us putting in massive hours some players have contributed significantly as well - in terms of testing or suggesting new features. Other than the history of 1fx. Mod and information about the lead developers, there will be a thank you list on the bottom of the page for everybody who helped.


Before 1fx.

We've done more work on SoF2 v1.00 than just 1fx. Mod: development on a server Mod started in the form of [R.S.I]Hide&Seek somewhere in 2008. [R.S.I] was a group of real life classmates that all enjoyed playing SoF2, especially Hide&Seek. After playing in existing 2k3 Hide&Seek servers we wanted to start something on our own, locally. Much to our surprise this wasn't possible: 2k3's server Mod was restricted to run on their servers only.

This became the drive behind [R.S.I]Hide&Seek - to create a Mod that can be used anywhere and by anyone. That essentially makes sure server owners won't be able to rip you off in terms of software (which should be equal to everybody), and instead try to deliver proper hardware and networking like a server provider should do.

[R.S.I]Hide&Seek became a success and in a later stadium we recruited other people from SoF2's online world as well. We were sponsored by RoxServers, for which we will always be grateful. Somewhere around summer 2009 we decided to stop developing [R.S.I]Hide&Seek and pulled the plug from the forums. This was the end of [R.S.I] clan and Mod.

1fx. on Gold

Fast forward to December 2009. Janno, who has been around since [R.S.I] times, contacted me and asked me if I had any plans to return. After a big conversation I decided to make a return, but not to v1.00. I wanted to try to get Hide&Seek a thing on Gold, like it is on v1.00. Gold is technically the better SoF2 version, and it also had more servers and players back then. We formed 1fx., a new team around the new Mod. Some old players from [R.S.I] immediately decided they wanted to be a part of this new team and joined my efforts.

Thus, work began on 1fx. Hide&Seek. After a month, January 2010, Henkie saw my efforts too and decided to join the project. In February that year we had a pretty solid base and advertising began. That's where things went wrong. Players never heard of Hide&Seek on Gold and it was incredibly hard to get people to understand the ways of playing or even the fun in it. After lots of efforts we had two choices: either return to v1.00 or let 1fx. Hide&Seek die on Gold. We decided to return to v1.00.

Start of 1fx. Mod

Once returned it didn't take long before we were offered a sponsorship. This was a welcome change, on Gold no-one bothered to offer us sponsorship so we had to pay everything by ourselves. v1servers offered us a sponsorship, but in return we had to create a Mod suitable for Infiltration servers as well, much like 2k3servers, next to Hide&Seek. We accepted this and started the initial work on 1fx. Infiltration, exclusive to v1servers.

By the end of 2010 we had a very solid Mod on v1.00 that we used on our sponsored server, "1fx. Inf" (Inf standing for Infiltration). This server was popular amongst players which allowed us to live test most of our changes and catch most bugs in an early stadium. This really contributed to overall stability and most of the core features that 2k3servers had. As things expanded, we started focussing on more of the generic gametypes like Capture the Flag. This lead to the Mod being renamed to 1fx. Mod, the name it carries to this very date. However, this Mod was exclusive to v1servers which really started making me think about our original goal.

[R.S.I]Hide&Seek was once started to make sure any player could use Hide&Seek and wasn't bound to any game server provider. 1fx. Mod was already the exact same thing 2k3servers was - bound to a GSP. So we decided to stop developing 1fx. Mod for v1servers (since our terms were no longer valid) and start searching for another sponsor that could cope with us releasing the Mod to public.

1fx. Mod as public release

One sponsor had interest in us, i3D.net. It was no problem that 1fx. Mod would eventually be released to the public, and thus we started a sponsorship which would eventually turn out to be a very long and healthy one. At the time of updating this page, January 2017, we are still backed by i3D.net!

One thing lead to another, and the first public release of 1fx. Mod finally happened a year later in January 2012 - 1fx. Mod 0.59. This release can still be downloaded in the release archive. That year we spent a great deal on fixing bugs and adding the remaining core features. By the end of 2012 0.60 was released, which was a great step towards the maturity of 1fx. Mod.

New unique features in 0.7x

1fx. Mod was still very much a copycat of 2k3 Mod. This was of course meant to be, as we wanted to create a truly free alternative of that Mod. But with 0.60 we had most functionality present in our Mod and we slowly started drifting away from copying everything. 0.70 was the first release that came in native format instead of QVM - that essentially means we can access a greater set of features available on the system and that there's less overhead to load and execute the Mod, which means it's faster as well. The first unique feature was SQLite, which stores everything in a database resulting in less code, faster execution speed and better overall management.

This was the start of 1fx. Mod becoming a unique and better Mod. The 0.7x releases brought a lot of interesting things to 1fx. Mod. Most noteable were the embedded server patches that help protect against DoS attacks and other exploits and the stabilization of Hide&Seek and Humans&Zombies, next to heaps of new functionality.

1fx. on Gold... again!

After the last public release of the 0.7x series of releases, 0.77, we started thinking about where we wanted to go next. We decided to head back to Gold, with not just Hide&Seek this time, but with the full 1fx. Mod, and more! New features were developed during this (rather long) development cycle, such as dynamic client support and mega-fast HTTP downloads straight from the game. A lot of work was done during this development cycle making 0.80 by far the biggest release to date, ultimately released in April 2017.

So, what's next?!

We are still trying to provide unique, new and exciting features that other Mods don't, while retaining our core vision of being free for everybody. The next "big thing" will be developed whenever we see new possibilities and uses for our Mod. If you have a thrilling idea to improve our Mod, don't hesitate to let yourself be heard!

Even though we don't exactly know what will be up next, one thing will always be certain. That we will continue to provide the SoF2 v1.00 and v1.03 communities with a free and fast Mod - to this very date.


Lots of people made sure 1fx. Mod is the Mod it is today. We're trying not to forget anyone, but this might very well be the case. If you feel you contributed significantly and feel like we've forgotten you, don't hesitate and email to boe@1fxmod.org.

Developers of 1fx. Mod

These are the developers of 1fx. Mod.

Significant contributors

These people really contributed to us and 1fx. Mod. Without them, 1fx. Mod wouldn't be what it is today.


We want to thank these companies for their sponsorships and support.


Communites greatly help in a number of ways. This is something we've learned over the years.


These people contributed to us and 1fx. Mod, in the form of lots of suggestions or a crazy amount of bug reports.
Beta testers fall under this category as well.