1fx. Mod Free server mod for Soldier of Fortune II

Installation on Windows

This page describes basic installation on Windows. It will help you install the Mod on a home server. This guide is not helpful when you host your server with a game server provider (GSP). If that's the case, we suggest you read the Config.cfg file carefully on your FTP or ask your GSP to configure it.


Before you start fiddling with 1fx. Mod, you should first check the integrity of the SoF2 installation directory you're going to install the Mod in. We often see lots of oddities and bugs arise due to all sorts of client-side Mods already installed, that due to sharing files with the server-side of SoF2MP interfere with the proper working of 1fx. Mod.

As a general rule of thumb, always install 1fx. Mod in a clean SoF2 installation directory that you only use to host the server. It will save you lots of trouble later on.


The requirements of running 1fx. Mod on Windows are a little higher than SoF2, yet still ridiculously low anno 2017:

Installing 1fx. Mod

Head over to the 1fx. Mod download page and head down to the download section. Take note of the SoF2 version. If you want a v1.00 (Full, or "Silver") server, select the v1.00 package for Windows. If you want a v1.03 (Gold) server, select the v1.03 package for Windows. This package is a .zip archive.

After downloading the package, extract the contents. You can do this either from the ribbon bar (as shown in the image below), or by rightclicking the .zip archive (look for a similar "Extract all" option).

Extract the contents of the 1fx. Mod .zip archive.

Open the newly extracted directory. Inside, you'll find two directories:

Left the extracted archive, right an example of contents in the "Server files" directory.

Open the "Server files" directory and copy all directories found to the SoF2 installation directory you're going to use to host 1fx. Mod. In our example, this is only the "1fx" directory.

Please note: There may be more directories in the "Server files" directory, next to the "1fx" directory. Be sure to copy all directories and files found in the "Server files" directory to the SoF2 installation, even if they don't appear on the screenshot above.

After you finished copying, it will look a little like this (your mileage may vary):

Example contents of a SoF2 directory with 1fx. Mod freshly installed.

Congratulations! You just installed 1fx. Mod! Yes, it's really this easy.

Configuring 1fx. Mod

Next on, you probably want to configure your server before starting it. Fortunately, it's very easy to configure your server. First on, go into your "1fx" directory and find the Config.cfg file. This file contains 90% of your server configuration.

Please note: By default, Windows does not know how to open .cfg files. You can safely open the 1fx. Mod Config file in Notepad. It's recommended to set the file association so you won't have to do this each time you dive into the Config.cfg file.

Open the Config.cfg file and select Notepad as the application to open the file with. The steps below are done with Windows 10, but should be similar on different versions of Windows.

Selecting Notepad as the application to open .cfg files with.

Start configuring the server by editing the file and save the file when done. Don't forget to also adjust the intial mapcycle found in the "files" directory (mapcycle.txt).

Running 1fx. Mod

Look for the "Start Server.bat" file in the "1fx" directory to start your server. If you downloaded the Universal package, it may also be called "Start Windows Server.bat".

The "Start Server.bat" file starts your server.

Double click it, and you're done! Your server is now running. You can use the "1fxver" command to check what 1fx. Mod version you're running. By opening the game you should be able to find this new server in your local server list!

SoF2 server running 1fx. Mod.

Tips and tricks

Below are a few tips and tricks that may come in handy, but didn't really fit in the main tutorial. Use them how you see fit.

Running the 1fx. Utility scripts

Included in the downloaded 1fx. Mod download package are the extra utility scripts. Those are scripts written in Python and will run on every major platform without issues.

You will need at least Python 3.3 to run them correctly. You can download Python 3 for Windows from the Python website.
Downloading the latest Python 3 release is fine.