1fx. Mod Free server mod for Soldier of Fortune II

Download current release

You can download the current release of 1fx. Mod here. The current release is

Release highlights

Each release of 1fx. Mod comes with many changes. Going through them can be a trivial task. That's why we list the most important changes here.

Action Description Change
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How to upgrade

Upgrading isn't all that hard. We only provide a solid upgrade path from the previous version. For this reason, you should always try to keep 1fx. Mod as up-to-date as possible. If you're many versions behind this release, we highly recommend you to do a clean install instead.

Action Description


Select the package you want to download. Take note that you select the correct SoF2 version you want to run 1fx. Mod on. After that, you should select the corresponding package suitable for the Operating System (OS) on your host.

If you don't know what operating system to pick, select the universal package for your selected SoF2 version or ask your game server provider to perform the upgrade for you.

Download the current release of 1fx. Mod.

SoF2 - v1.02t (MP TEST / Demo)
SoF2 - v1.00 (Full)
SoF2 - v1.03 (Gold)

Full change log

If you want to know if a specific bug was fixed, something was added or want to know about another change that isn't listed in the release highlights: the full change log is also available to you here.

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